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Tips: How To Prevent Mold Growth

Recently one member posted a project on mold and how to remove it.

What is mold?

Molds are micro-organic fungi that are everywhere and grow on any organic substance. it grow based on air quality, darkness and moisture. Molds grow on woods, carpet, window base, and any other places close to humidity source. It can be cleaned with wet cloth and cleaning detergent, but as long as the source of moist is undiscovered,mold keeps growing.

Is mold dangerous for health?

Prevent mold growth as soon as its discovery. Mold can be effective in people’s health. Mold’s spores cause allergies and in serious scenario leading to asthma, hay fever, irritation to eyes, and damage to lungs and respiration. But is not to assert how much of mold can be effective on health depending on the the reaction and strength toward mold’s effect.

Is mold destructive for the house?

Molds grow based on the following sources:

  • Wet cloth drying indoor.
  • Flood.
  • bathroom’s plumbing.
  • Condensation from poor insulation.
  • Poor air quality and ventilation.
  • Darkness combine with moist (Dark basement).
  • Water leaks from pipes, basements, and other plumbing issues.
  • Many bushes and trees around the house with roots under the foundation.

With any of these sources the house is the direct target to molds. If molds are prevented in time, it stops the growth prior to spreading. But if the source of the mold’s growth is not discovered in proper time, it deepens and spreads everywhere. In extreme renovation cases of molds the foundation of the house needs to be rebuilt and reconstructed.

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How to prevent mold?

The main cause of mold’s growth is the moisture. To prevent molds, eliminate the moisture and humid environment.

Here are some tips to help preventing the growth of molds:

– Hire a professional mold inspector

To review the rank of problem and estimate the extent of the damage, hire a mold inspector and find the source of the growth.

– Prevent the mold by prevent the condensation.

Air conditioners and other condensation sources are a major cause for mold growth. Locate the source of condensation and remove the molds. windows edges, AC vents, and bathrooms with no air vents cause mold growth.

– Prevent humidity

Humid condition increases the mold’s growth. The house is the target to mold growth If:

– you dry the wet cloth indoor,

– Do not have proper ventilation in bathrooms,

– If the house is facing a direction without sunlight.

To prevent humidity, experts recommend humidifiers for a good balance of air quality.

– Prevent growing plants too close to the foundation

To eliminate the outdoor’s mold to enter the house, trim the extra plants growing too close to the house. Big trees find a way to run their roots under foundation, where the moisture and water accumulates. Remove this hazards to eliminate any external humidity entering the house.

– Prevent mold by proper insulation.

Provide proper insulation to eradicate the humid and moist into the house. Use appropriate drywall, insulation, and sealer. Double windows have a duel advantage, since save on utility bills and prevent moisture. Insulate the roof, basement, and walls are the perfect ways to secure the interior from mold’s growth.

– Have a plumber inspect the pipes

Look over the piping and pluming of the house for the water flow, leakage, and plumbing issues. Water is a big source of mold growth.

Prevent the molds before it spreads and broadens to a big problem. As soon as discovering the mold, Locate the source and eliminate it.

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  1. vironi says:

    I live in SF close to Pier and have lots of humidity, mold has been always an issue around my neighborhood. I agree as in this article mentioned to locate the source as soon as possible before it gets out of hand.

  2. jeff22 says:

    Mold is horrible. It has different looks and different smell. I have a little asthma and can feel a damp place where there is mold right away. This issue is very important to me when i look into buy or rent an apartment anywhere. Very useful article.

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