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In every busy family home you can be sure that there is always a run on the bathroom in the mornings. You all need to get up around the same time every day in order to get ready for school or work, and generally things can get a little tense as everybody tries to get to the bathroom at the same time. In particular if you have teenage girls, you will know all about this problem! They tend to spend a long time in the bathroom just when everybody else needs to get access to it. In this article we are going to suggest some ways of getting around the problem, and in the process restore family relations! Read on for our top tips:

Have a Rota

The only way to organize a fair system of bathroom use in the morning is if everybody takes their turn. It may seem a bit draconian to draw up a rota or timetable, but it is a very good way of making sure everybody gets a fair amount of time in the bathroom. Work out who gets up first and give them first shot at the bathroom, and then stagger it accordingly. Nobody should need more than 10 or 15 minutes, so if one person is taking a very long time then they need to reduce their usage. Things like putting on make-up can be just as easily done in one’s bedroom – the bathroom should be purely used for ablutions.

Build a Spare One

Without wanting to get into too much detail, men are renowned for their long trips to the toilet! This can be infuriating for the rest of the family who want to get ready for the day. Solve this problem once and for all by adding a spare toilet somewhere else in the house. There is usually somewhere downstairs where you can add a small extra toilet, and this will free up lots of time in the main family bathroom. Speak to a builder and plumber to see if it’s possible to have a spare toilet installed in your house.

En Suites

Another brilliant idea is to have en suites built in your bedrooms. If you have the master bedroom, consider having a shower, toilet and sink installed next to your bedroom. That way, the children can fight it out between themselves! Some people choose to have a spare shower room installed somewhere downstairs, and this can be very good for resolving arguments within families. Adding a bathroom or shower room to a house is relatively easy to achieve, and it won’t cause too much destruction when it’s in process. Have a chat with your local builder and ask what options are available to you based on your floor plan.

There are plenty of other things that families can argue about within the house – don’t let bathroom usage be one of them. By tackling the problem of bathroom usage head-on, you are sure to find a solution that keeps every member of the household happy.

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  1. lilian says:

    gosh, don’t everyone with big family have this issue? thanks for sharing

  2. LisaManeli says:

    Morning rota is an excellent idea for family with kids and it works if there is a school schedule. having everyone wake up at the same time certainly wont help this issue at all.

  3. craigjerom says:

    For big families with one bathroom, it is the most important thing to start looking for one of the solutions above. Even if it is come to investing to build a new bathroom.

  4. Alli says:

    Thanks Don ,nice . I think every family has the same problem even for couples,unless there are more than one bathroom in each home ,even a tiny little apartment ,it has to have more than one bathroom.

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