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Step 1 Real Estate Buyer’s Guide By Axel Ziba REALTOR® Victoria BC

Posted on October 5th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

Previously I covered basic steps involved in Selling your property in 5 videos. Many clients I work with encouraged me to start making Buyer’s Guide in Real Estate and share the steps involved in buying a new property. Step one of the Real Estate buyer’s guide is to Meet with  your REALTOR®. This is an important […]

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Step 5 and Final of Seller’s Guide By Axel REALTOR® Victoria Real Estate

Posted on September 14th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

“The art of Negotiation” To cap our previous sessions, Step 1 was to meet with a REALTOR® and to discover what he/she knows. This will give a upper hand in market knowledge, why you have to sell, and most importantly why you have to hire that Real Estate Agent. In Step two we covered the importance […]

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Step 4 Seller’s Guide By Axel Ziba REALTOR® Victoria Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 11th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

“Art of Exposure and Marketing” Every step of selling your home is important and need crucial attention. Step 4 of the Seller’s Guide is to be aware of the marketing strategy and exposing their property. Every REALTOR® and Real Estate Agent has a unique way of marketing and exposing a property to potential buyers. There […]

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Seller’s Guide Step 3 By Axel Ziba REALTOR® Victoria Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 10th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

Show off your property! At this stage, it is time to show off your property to buyers. To match the price, the property must shine like a merchandise in the eyes of buyers. Keep it clean and declutter. Remove personal items, like pictures of the family and uncle joe’s funny smile. Buyer’s like to feel […]

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Seller’s Guide Step 2 By Axel Ziba REALTOR® Victoria Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 9th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

In this short and brief posts, I’d like to share with you my Real Estate Guide videos for buyer and sellers. As a REALTOR® in most beautiful city in Canada, Victoria, BC, I would like to help and assist everyone with their Real Estate needs and steps involved. It is vital to be educated in […]

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Seller’s Guide Step 1 By Axel Ziba REALTOR® Victoria Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 8th, 2015 by Axel Ziba

There are crucial steps involved in buying and selling in Real Estate. As a REALTOR® and real estate agent in beautiful Victoria British Columbia, I have provided some short and brief videos lining the steps involved for Seller’s Guide. Although each step requires plenty of details, these videos can be very beneficial in guiding sellers. […]

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Wedding Checklists Are Essential

Posted on July 10th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

In previous articles I talked about the importance of hiring a professional wedding planner and consultant. These pros can help ease the stress of planning the dream wedding day, manage and contract all sub-contracting professionals, also negotiate the best deals and rates to hire wedding services. I was asked what is the importance of checklists […]

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9 Pillars Of A successful And Happy Wedding

Posted on June 30th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

A well organized wedding resembles a roof that is hold by strong pillars. Removing the pillars the roof will collapse. Not building consistent size pillars makes roof collapse. The pillars are as important as the roof itself. Lets explore the 9 pillars of a successful and happy wedding: Wedding Planner: A wedding without the wedding […]

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Wedding DJ Or Wedding Live Band? Why Not Both!

Posted on June 10th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

Entertainment is one of the 9 pillars of a successful wedding. When thinking of wedding, Happy music, dancing, and having a good time comes to mind. One of the most daunting task to make everyone happy is the music. Not only every guest has different taste in music, but also difference in age gathered under […]

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5 Things You Need To Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer Before Your Big Day.

Posted on June 2nd, 2014 by Axel Ziba

1.Wedding Photography Styles There are various types of wedding photography. You’re probably familiar with the traditional posed photography, where the photographer works off a shot list to direct the wedding party and capture classic shots. For those who want a more informal memento of their big day a documentary style of photography is a popular […]

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How To Manege The Wedding To Make The Bride Happy

Posted on May 27th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

No one likes to see an unhappy bride. She has been planning for this special day since she was practically a young teenager. She planned it so carefully, going through many wedding magazines, clipping the helpful articles, creating her ultimate dream wedding day. And now the day has arrived and the expectations are at its […]

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Why Joining Bids By Pros?

Posted on May 10th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

Bids By Pros with over 55000 members and growing daily is a simple and free connective portal between people with needs and local service event professionals. The idea took form back in 2012, when the founder of site needed to find local rug cleaners. After a long search in yellow pages, reading confusing reviews from […]

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Bride’s eye makeup for the wedding day

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by farna vahdad

No matter how gorgeous the decoration and venue is, the most attention is on the bride on the wedding day and how beautiful she looks and of course no bride wants to look tired and stress. Makeup and the techniques to apply it is truly an art form for generation to hide every flaw and […]

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What to ask a wedding florist?

Posted on April 14th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

Remembering every wedding that I have attended, I notice floral design in every corner, center piece, and even in bride’s hand. Going through planning for the big day and your dreamy wedding, floral design and communicating with florist is an important step. I am sure by know you know the theme of your wedding. Keep […]

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Why Hiring Professionals Matter In Wedding Planning

Posted on April 7th, 2014 by Axel Ziba

Since the young age, most girls dream of their happiest day, their wedding. They plan their Cinderella wedding day to be the most luxurious and royal. No matter the budget, everyone deserves to have an impressive wedding day. Organizing a wedding is unlike any other ordinary projects involves many details, planning, and negotiations. To start […]

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